DOMINION Polska Sp. z o.o.

DOMINION Polska Sp. z o.o.

President of the Board: Marek Janiak

Oświęcimska 27 ,44-109 Gliwice

Phone: +48 32 279 49 32 ,
NIP: 969-09-94-186

Specialization area:

  • Chimney and tower construction, refractory engineering, delivery and installation, turnkey projects

Number of employees:

  • 150

Relevant certificates,  Attestations, patents, etc.

  • ISO 9001:2015, SCCP (HSE Certificate)

DOMINION Polska Sp. z o.o., previously known as BEROA/KARRENA, is part of the international GLOBAL DOMINION Group. It offers construction of industrial stacks, cooling towers, silos, domes, solar and stair tower constructions, and refractory work for many industries: power generation, iron and steel, chemical, petrochemical, nonferrous metals and aluminum, glass, limestone, cement, and environmental protection.

The scope of supply includes full services for complex projects, including computer-aided engineering calculations and design, engineering advice, supply and delivery of required materials, supervision of installation, erection, refurbishment or demolition, maintenance, consultancy and inspection. DOMINION has long-term experience in providing refractory linings for furnaces, boilers, metallurgical ladles and as a core competence tile systems for municipal waste incineration plants. The industrial chimneys that DOMINION designs and builds include single and multiple flue chimneys of reinforced concrete, steel, masonry or a combination of these. Approximately 70% of all chimneys in Western Europe higher than 300 meters have been built by KARRENA/BEROA (now DOMINION). DOMINION staff act as experts in commissions dealing with environment protection, occupational safety, material science and hazardous materials, industrial construction and cooling towers.

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