Who we are

  • IGEOS is a self-governing, economic organization representing Polish power industry enterprises
  • leading business integrator and an essential partner to industry and politics in the development of efficient changes in the Polish power industry
  • at present the Chamber associates about 100 member companies including: electricity producers, planning and design companies, power industry and environment protection equipment manufacturers, construction and engineering service companies, service and trade companies including consultants, law firms and others


  • founded in 1992
  • time of transition of the Polish economy in 1989/90
  • transformation of the Polish energy sector
  • commercialization and privatization of the energy sector
  • involvement of foreign companies in the Polish energy sector

Statutory tasks

Legal framework

Providing cooperation and advisory support to the Parliament, relevant ministries, President’s administration and other state authorities in preparation of regulations concerning energy sector in Poland, in compliance with EU directives

Diversified electricity generation

Supporting investment projects in conventional power generation, promoting renewable energy sources, supporting co-generation as an efficient means of electricity and heat generation, supporting development of nuclear project in Poland

Supporting member companies

Promoting member company activities and products in conferences, fairs, seminars, exhibitions, symposiums, economic missions etc

Environmental protection

Promoting modern techniques, technologies and activities favoring environmental protection, supporting pro-ecological investments

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