Przedsiębiorstwo Remontowo-Usługowe ”MEGA-REM” Sp. z o.o.

Przedsiębiorstwo Remontowo-Usługowe ”MEGA-REM” Sp. z o.o.

Chairman of the Board: Lesław Lenart

ul. Ciepłownicza 1 ,31-587 Kraków

Phone: 12 644-51-19 ,
NIP: 678-002-52-42

PRU “MEGA-REM” has been operating in the energy industry continuously since 1992, providing services related to the design, production, assembly, renovation, measurement and testing of electrical power and industrial equipment.

For over 23 years, the company has had a constantly maintained and certified integrated quality management system that covers the requirements of standards : PN-EN ISO 9001, PNN18001 ,BS OHSAS 18001 and PN-EN ISO 3824-2.

Since February 28, 1998, the company has its own welding laboratory, which has the 2nd degree approval of the Office Of Technical Inspection Laboratory and meets the criteria of the standard PN-EN ISO 17025 (testing laboratory approval certificate LBU-061/12).


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