SBB Energy S.A

SBB Energy S.A

President of the Board: Ziemowit Słomczyński

Łowicka 1 ,45-324 Opole

Phone: 77 45-17-310 Fax: 77 45-57-221 ,
NIP: 525-257-08-11


has been operating in the power and industrial sectors since 1992, providing commissioning, mechanical erection, electrical and I&C installation services and other complex specialized works. SBB ENERGY SA provides also a range of modern technologies in the area broadly defined as exhaust fumes treatment technology.


full scope commissioning of power systems, optimization of power equipment and systems, multi-discipline erection/installation and overhauls in power and industrial plants, commissioning and optimization of water treatment plants and waste water treatment plants, chemical cleaning and acid cleaning of systems and equipment in power and industrial sectors, laboratory testing to develop optimal procedures for chemical cleaning processes, installation of electrical and I&C equipment, together with a supply of equipment and switchgears in power and industrial sectors, boilers retrofits on a "turnkey" basis to reduce NOx and SOx emission, boilers retrofits on a "turnkey" basis to cofire large quantities of biomass, coal fired boilers conversion to fire biomass, Installations to reduce mercury emission


Equipment suppliers and assembly companies operating in the power industry and other industry branches, Professional and industrial power plants, Heat and power plants, municipal heating plants, Industrial plants, Industry and energy design companies.

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