Layher Sp. z o.o.

Layher Sp. z o.o.

President of the Board: Wojciech Homik

Żelechowska 2A ,96-321 Siestrzeń

Phone: +48 22 720 69 09, ,
NIP: 894-23-92 435

Business profile:

Layher is a global provider of solutions for the industry in terms of hight-quality scaffolding systems outstanding services and systems for scaffolding planning software LayPlan from 1945. The headquarters in Eibensbach offers some 250,000 m2 of space, including 110,000 m2 for production and storage. In Poland the company headquarters along with magazine and office building is located in Siestrzeń close to Warsaw. Through a global network of subsidiaries and distribution partners, we ensure that we are always close to our customers and their challenges – delivering local ideas, solutions, expertise and service. Our sales engineers are available on all five continents, backed by ample inventories, ensuring we can flexibly respond to the demands of regional markets at all times. One of Layher’s core tasks is quality management. Our products are compliant with the very latest safety standards and possess DIN/ISO certification, German TÜV , and a variety of other German and international quality labels. We have been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1994. 

Specialization area:

  • scaffolding systems

Number of employees:

  • over 1900

Reference projects in nuclear business:

  • Belgium: Doel Belgie (Nuclear Power Plant) Thiange Belgie (Nuclear Power Plant),
  • Finland: OL3, Olkiluoto (Nuclear Power Plant)
  • France: Blayais, Plaque ATLANTIQUE ; Civaux, Plaque ATLANTIQUE; Golfech, Plaque ATLANTIQUE;  Flammanville, Plaque CAUX MANCHE ; Paluel, Plaque CAUX MANCHE ;Penly, Plaque CAUX MANCHE; Bugey, Plaque CIVAR; Cruas, Plaque CIVAR; Saint Alban, Plaque CIVAR; Tricastin, Plaque CIVAR; Belleville, Plaque COVAL; Chinon, Plaque COVAL; Dampierre, Plaque COVAL; Nogent, Plaque COVAL;  Cattenom, Plaque COREST; Chooz, Plaque COREST; Fessenheim, Plaque COREST.
  • Germany: Neckarwestheim; Philippsburg; Grafenrheinfeld; Isar; Gundremmingen; Krümme, Brunsbüttel
  • Mexico: Nuclear Power Plant Laguna Verde, Veracruz
  • The Netherlands: EPZ Borssele Nederland; ECN Petten
  • Russia: Balakovskaya; Bilibinskaya; Kolskaya; Kalininskaya, Novovoronezhskaya; Leningradskaya, Rostovskaya

Relevant certificates, attestations, patents, etc.: DIN EN ISO 9001

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