JWW Invest S.A.

JWW Invest S.A.

President of the Board: Wojciech Wcisło

Rolna 43 b ,40-555 Katowice

Phone: +48 32/ 203 60 48 Fax: +48 32/ 203 60 48

biuro@jwwinwest.pl , www.jwwinvest.pl
NIP: 634-24-71-510


JWW lnvest S.A. is specialized in modernization and repairs of the power industry equipment including, in particular,installation of boiler pressure components, heat exchangers, vessels and other boiler-related equipment, and low and high pressure pipelines. Our experience gained in the power industry construction is successfully implemented in the refinery, cake and metallurgical industries.
The business of the company includes comprehensive installation services, commissioning of facilities, as well as warranty and post-warranty repairs, works hop manufacturing and prefabrication of steel components. The main business is complemented by the investor
supervision services.


  • generał contractor services in power and industrial construction
  • installation and repairs of medium and high pressure pipelines
  • repairs of power and industrial boilers
  • fabrication of vessels and installation of steel structures
  • prefabrication of chambers and other pressure vessels
  • welding services for pressure components
  • investment supervision services
  • trainings for welders

Guarantee of quality:

JWW lnvest S.A. employs an experienced managing staff including engineers with many years of experience and vast knowledge of the market, and qualified line operators, which ensures reliable fabrication and high quality of work performed.

JWW lnvest S.A. has production and storage facilities as well as modern equipment resources. lt is important that JWW lnvest S.A. holds all the required approvals and certificates, particularly concerning pressure vessels.

Good opinion of aur partners resulting in new, mare and mare challenging orders combined with the size and prestige of the customers of aur services are the best reference for aur company, which constantly strengthens its position in both the domestic and the international markets.

Our company is operated according to the principle stating that a professionally served customer is an asset of the company.

Major projects:

  • NiederauBem Power Plant, Power Units H, F, K Germany, works in the pressure part of the boilers
  • lnfracor Chemiepark Mari Germany, continuous repair service of steam-boilers
  • Bełchatów Power Plant,dismantling and installation of the pressure part of the boilers in the power blocks Nos. 7 & 8
  • Altbach Power Plant Germany, replacement of pipework in the boiler superheaters
  • Bełchatów Power Plant, continuous warranty repair service after the modernization of power units Nos. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 14
  • Łagisza Power Plant, boiler repair - repair of the pressure part including fabrication and supply of components for the boiler No.7
  • Dolna Odra Power Plant, dismantling and installation works on boiler No. 5
  • Bełchatów Power Plant, disassembly and assembly of the pressure part of the boiler of units Nos. 1 O, 11 and 12
  • NiederauBem Power Plant, Germany, repairs of units C1, C2 of boiler D and G
  • Stalowa Wola Power Plant, installation of turbine system oil pipelines in a power unit
  • Mehrum Power Plant, Germany,ongoing maintenance and repairs of boiler pressure parts and pipelines in the power station's machine room
  • Stalowa Wola Power Plant, development of documentation on oil and water-steam pipelines' routes for a steam turbine system in a power unit
  • Synthos Dwory Oświęcim, installation of a bag filter including its supporting structure and staircase, installation and adjustment of internal equipment for a fluidized bed boiler in Synthos Dwory 7
  • Stalverk Lulea Steelworks, Sweden, execution of welding connections on cooling channels' elements over two converters in the steelworks
  • Schkopau Power Plant Germany, replacement of a second degree superheater
  • Turów Power Plant, design and the concept of boiler's installation as regards steel structures, pressure part and appliances around the boiler.
  • NiederauBem Power Plant, Germany, replacement of the reheater and inspection work on the boiler's pressure elements
  • Jaworzno Ili Power Plant, welding and assembly of connecting pipes and coils of the superheaters (Package li) as well as welding and assembly of boiler-related pipelines (Package 111)
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