Chairman of the Board: Cezary Polski

ul Poznańska 5 ,62-081 Przeźmierowo

Phone: 48 61 661 78 18

sekretariat@energotherm.pl , www.energotherm.pl
NIP: 7773133505

Comprehensive Solutions Inspired By Industry Needs

Tests and optimizations:

Tests of thermal power generation equipment are conducted in order to determine performance characteristics such as:

  • boiler operating parameters,
  • energy conversion efficiency and thermal balance,
  • heat losses.

The purpose of such tests is to determine the condition of equipment and its operating parameters or to verify if the parameters which were supposed to be obtained after overhauls or upgrades, are indeed obtained. Tests are carried out for power plants, including boilers, turbine sets and additional equipment from low to highest power.

Commissioning of power equipment:

We offer comprehensive commissioning services for power equipment such as:

  • boilers using wide variety of fuels and recovery boilers,
  • steam and gas turbines,
  • power units,
  • plant equipment eg. denitriding and desulfurization systems, precipiators, pump houses, compressed air systems.

Our superior goal is to reach technologically established parameters and to maintain top ecological, economic and safety precautions.

Emission laboratory:

Our laboratory offers tests, analyses and consulting regarding emission and emission control measurements for power generation, district heating, chemical plants and refineries, as well as for many other industrial applications.

The tests performed by our Analytical Laboratory are based on reference measuring methods, using state-of-the-art measuring instruments with valid calibration certificates issued by bodies certified by Polish Certification Centre.

Chemistry in power generation:

We offer comprehensive services in the field of chemical cleaning, maintenance and steam blowing of devices such as: water and steam boilers, power boilers and steam pipelines, new and modernized power installations and others. We are authorized to perform repairs with chemical methods for devices subject to technical inspection No. CH-30-50/1-14. Keeping the surface of technical devices clean is the basis for their correct operation. The presence of any contamination on the internal surfaces of devices is the cause of, among others:·       the presence of corrosion processes both during operation and standstill of the device,·       deterioration of heat transfer,·       the flow of the medium is impaired, as contamination can significantly reduce the flow cross-section,·       threats to technological processes in industry.

 Power generation consulting:

We provide consulting services for engineering and investment processes in power generation and industry. We focus on the fuel supply and processing, gas emission, environment protection, waste utilization and recycling.

Project execution:

Many years of experience in projects execution for municipalities and industry as well as experience in project execution for Utilities and Combined Heat and Power Plant allow us to offer you the following service:

  • preparation of project documentation,
  • supervision of erection,
  • installation of instrumentation,
  • project deliveries,
  • preparation of preliminary engineering, basic engineering and as-built documentation,
  • author’s supervision.

We are in continuous contact with companies preparing thermal and process documentation, civil documentation, electrical, I&C, environmental and cost analysis documentation. Moreover thanks to the professional experience of our personnel we are able to meet the challenges posed by contemporary power generation and industry, where cost-effectiveness and competence are highly prized.

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