AFT Sp. z o.o

AFT Sp. z o.o

Chairman of the Board: Renata Czech

ul. Zielna 1 ,62-002 Suchy Las

Phone: +48 61 820 51 45 ,
NIP: 779-00-20-057

Business profile:

We specialize in the selection of the best shut-off and control valves and fittings for all types of systems. We manufacture and sell devices that meet the highest quality standards. We work with the best companies in Europe. We advise, design, produce, implement and service solutions that provide greater peace of mind for their users.


Company’s offer:

Manufacture of dampers and flaps.

Technical consultancy and developing in the field of technical solutions.

Service, maintenance, repairs, supervision – own service department.


We operate in industries such as:
Power engineering and heating
Pharmacy and biotechnology
Air protection
Fuels and petrochemistry
Food industry
Water and sewage treatment
Civil tunnel constructions
Other heavy / manufacturing industries


We provide devices such as:Flaps and dampers for transmission channels (liquid and gas media)
Diverters and tandem dampers 100% tightness with air barrier
Centrifugal pumps for demanding industrial installations (chemistry, petrochemistry)
Teflon centrifugal pumps (pharmaceuticals, chemistry)
Screw (PCP) pumps (sewage treatment plants, chemistry, paper industry)
Flame arresters
Wafer butterfly valves
Breathing valves
Static mixers
Security plates
Ceramic valves
Ball valves
Guillotine/knife valves

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