YOHO Sp. Z o.o.

YOHO Sp. Z o.o.

President of the Board: Tomoho Umeda

Śmiała 50 ,01-526 Warszawa

Phone: +48 22 848 00 88

, www.xervon.com.pl
NIP: 118 00 14 291

Business profile:

YOHO Ltd. is the only agency in Poland that specializes in building Polish-Japanese business relations. The agency was founded in 1990 and was one of the pioneers introducing modern solutions and technologies in the Polish energy sector. Over the years YOHO Ltd. has built close relations with Japanese energy companies, financial institutions and government agencies and works directly with their potential partners on the Polish and European market.

In 2011 YOHO Ltd. joined TOMO Group. Combining the experience of all the companies that make up the TOMO Group has allowed the agency to continue its cultural and business activities and further develop its portfolio.

Extensive experience gathered by YOHO Ltd. over the years and a dedicated team of specialists who supported and support a number of international companies are the key advantages of the agency. The main areas of operation of YOHO Ltd. are low and zero-emission technologies, including modern hydrogen-based energy, renewable energy sources, coal gasification technologies and high-temperature reactors (HTR).

YOHO Ltd.'s offer includes, among others:

  • organization of seminars and trainings
  • strategic consulting
  • communication consulting
  • investment consulting
  • market analyzes
  • organization of meetings for contractors from Poland and Japan
  • organization of study tours
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