PPHU Wemo-Group

PPHU Wemo-Group

President of the Board: Mariusz Maligłówka

Lipicze, ul. Stawowa 5 ,24-270 Kłomnice

Phone: +48 34 390 66 71 Fax: +48 34 390 66 72

oferta@wemo-group.pl , www.wemo-group.pl
NIP: 573-229-67-41

Business profile:

PPHU Wemo-group Mariusz Maligłówka focuses its activities on the design and service of hydraulic cylinders, pumps, valves and hydraulic motors. We design cylinders with most popular diameters as well as those that are available only on request. We adjust the stroke and the type of material to customer needs. All hydraulic cylinders regenerated by us undergo detailed quality control and pressure tests for tightness.


In addition to power hydraulics and pneumatics, we have expanded our scope of activity to include comprehensive services in the field of design, construction of machines and industrial devices, from concept development, through mechanical and electrical design, construction, to assembly, installation and commissioning at the client's. Thanks to the most advanced production technology and workshop services, we are able to make any devices according to the customer's needs. Each project is made to customer requirements, and the designed solution is optimized in terms of manufacturing costs and quality. We offer professional service and repair of equipment. We carry out modernizations and modifications of industrial machinery and equipment, including safety requirements and current standards as well as applicable directives.

Our completed projects for the energy industry include modernization of the construction for assembly and disassembly flail wheels: Langen I and Langen II, modernization of the specialized Kamag vehicle. Currently, our prototype - a specialized vehicle for assembly and disassembly of bearing boxes - has been put into use at PGE Bełchatów.

We also provide the products, services and production of all types of ammunition for Polish Armed Forces. Our current investments for MESKO class leaders in ammunition production are as follows:

  •  technical equipment for the production of black powder, i.e. making a charcoal ball mill, making a ball mill for mixing ingredients (for the production of gunpowder) and a polishing drum
  •  execution of runner with drive and control, granulation and breaker,

Modernization project of the Szczesliwice Center at ul. Drawska 22 in Warsaw. As a part of the contract, PPHU Wemo-group carried out an investment task in the form of replacing the rally mat, together with developing project documentation for Szczesliwicka Hillock in Warsaw. The completion deadline was 30.09.2018. 

We are currently heavily involved as the main contractors in the construction of the galvanizing plant in Brzeszcze.

In the field of hydraulics and pneumatics, we provide spare parts for steel mills, power plants, combined heat and power plants as follows:

  •  filters and filter sets min. turbine condensate,
  •  parts for belt feeders from IEM,
  •  Andritz parts for agitators and centrifuges
  •  chains: belt, transport, chain wheels, industrial chains, chains with hollow pins, bundles of power cords, for overhead cranes, cranes, etc.

 Producer: Ketten-Wulf Betriebs-GmbH

 - high-quality pipes and metallurgical products - gears, shafts, forgings, tees, etc.

 mat. Acid-resistant steel, heat-resistant, for work at elevated temperatures, stainless, tool, heat-improving, carburized, wear-resistant sheets, black steel

 - hydraulic, piston, gear, submersible, block and gland pumps

 Manufacturers: Rexroth, Eaton, Vickers, Enerpac, Bucher hydraulics, Grundfos (+ replacements)

- Gearboxes, cylindrical, flat, planetary, bevel, worm, reduction, gear drives

Manufacturers: Flender, SEW Eurodrive, Bauer, Auma, Rexnord, and others

- dampers and gate valves

Manufacturers: EBRO, Tehaco, AVK, BROEN (+ substitutes) Zetkama and others


  • PGE Oddział Elektrownia Bełchatów
  • PGE Energia Ciepła
  • PGE Oddział Turów
  • Cementownia Odra S.A
  • ArcelorMittal Warszawa
  • MESKO S.A.
  • ISD Huta Częstochowa Sp. Z.O.O
  • CMC Poland Sp. Z.O.O
  • Hydrostal Sp. Z.O.O
  • Stołeczne Centrum Sportu Aktywna Warszawa - Ośrodek Szczęśliwice i inne
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