Fabryka Kotłów SEFAKO S.A.

Fabryka Kotłów SEFAKO S.A.

President of the Board: Jacek Boruciński

Przemysłowa 9 ,28-340 Sędziszów

Phone: +48 41 381 10 73 Fax: +48 41 381 11 10

Sekretariat@sefako.com.pl , www.sefako.com.pl
NIP: 656 00-07-874

Business profile:

Fabryka Kotłów SEFAKO S.A. is an established leading manufacturer of industrial power generating boilers in Poland.  SEFAKO manufactures boilers for commercial power engineering, industrial power engineering, and process power engineering, a segment of the industry dedicated to power generation for food production and processing plants. SEFAKO carries a diversified range of boilers, including units based on pulverized hard coals, liquid fuels or gas fuels, as well as dedicated boilers for biomass combustion.

Fabryka Kotłów SEFAKO S.A. is also a leading manufacturer of pressure components for all boiler types. We manufacture our solutions according to proprietary engineering designs or the customer's specifications. Our customer base includes domestic and foreign corporate entities, the latter being based in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, and many other countries in Europe and on other continents. SEFAKO provides services in the assembly and installation of its boilers and boiler components, complete with engineering supervision, warranty and post-warranty services, and diagnostics of boilers and equipment.

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